The Man Who Liked His Dog

He didn't want to be like all the people he saw around him so he spent a lot of time alone in his room.
He wanted to avoid whatever it was all these people had.  
They seemed very sick or at least brain damaged.
He didn't want a wife or any of that other stuff.
He didn't understand why everbody wanted those things.
It was very strange.
He continued spending a lot of time alone in his room. 
Maybe he'd understand these people better in time.
As the years passed he understood less and less.  
Maybe he was dumb.
He felt like an alien visiting earth from another planet.
It was like he was traveling through time backwards,
Waving goodbye to the nice people as they passed him in the street on their way to work.
Then he was alone in his little room again.
He liked his room.
He also liked his dog.