The Angry Sun

This afternoon when I
woke up I wasn't feeling
so great. It felt as if one or more
of my vital organs had been
removed. I was all mushy.
After coffee, I didn't know
what to do so I went into
the studio and made a
drawing called, "The Genius."

Obviously, a self-portrait.
Anyway, after that, I still
didn't know what to do,
so I put on my pants.
Then I stepped out into
the hot, hot heat of the day
in search of apples and
bananas. As I walked,
the sun began to beat down
on me and make me sweat.

I began to feel dizzy. I didn't
realize how bad it was in the
beginning, but as I passed
the cemetery I began to melt.
My arms and legs came right
off. Soon I was nothing but
a puddle and then, after
that, I was nothing at all.